The Solution

Public Relations  – A Necessity, Not A Luxury!

Where the government has fallen short, it is the duty of admirers of Israel to gather and share vital positive information. Against the methodical slander continuously propagated against Israel, Jewish organizations must show the world the truth – loud, proud and clear.
  • THE STATE OF ISRAEL is not a sin, but a miracle! A pioneer in the fields of medicine, technology, manufacturing, agriculture and more, millions of people worldwide owe their lives to its numerous innovations.  
  • THE STATE OF ISRAEL is an inspiration, connecting Jews wherever they are to their heritage. A symbol of rebirth, against all odds it transformed swamps and deserts into hundreds of rural and urban communities.
  • THE STATE OF ISRAEL is a homeland for survivors of two millennia of oppression; a safe haven for Jews from all over the world.
  • THE STATE OF ISRAEL is the Middle East’s only real democracy. Founded upon humanistic values, it is the only true friend of the West in the entire region.
  • THE STATE OF ISRAEL boasts a diverse population with shared fortitude and ingenuity, which is the true secret of its success.
  • THE STATE OF ISRAEL needs a strong Jewish and non-Jewish lobby that will consolidate the talents and capabilities of the many organizations in the field.

The state of Israel needs a Voice that will tell It's Story.

Israel the Beautiful

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