The Problem

  • HOW has Israel become the punching bag of organizations, states and opinion-makers?
  • HOW is it that, despite Israel’s phenomenal achievements in every possible arena, many see it as harmful?
  • HOW has the most conscientious nation in the world become perceived as an occupier and a human rights violator?
  • HOW have cold-blooded murderers succeeded in making allies of the most enlightened nations of the world?
And the truth is that the State of Israel – in the one and only homeland of the Jewish People, a marvel of creativity and productivity, the vision of our ancestors - has only existed for 67 years. For a nation to attain such incredible achievements within that time is nothing short of a miracle; and it should be a source of pride.

Despite its achievements, the State of Israel is on the defensive, criticized, denigrated and isolated. Its leaders and official bodies have been unsuccessful in promoting the state.

Only in times of crisis does the Israeli public relations effort (slightly) rise to the occasion and provide very specific responses. But instead of taking pride in its staggering achievements, Israel is  making excuses for its very existence. Israeli genius has not yet created coherent, consistent, current and serious public relations.

We must change this grim reality. We must take the initiative and draw attention to what our nation is truly made of.

This is where the Hallelu Foundation comes in.
Israel the Beautiful

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