Organizational Structure

The Hallelu Foundation is a nonprofit organization. Its management includes people of vision and action, leading a highly accomplished professional staff. The Foundation's various divisions work in seamless coordination:

The Internet and Social Networks Division
Responsible for the Foundation's website and digital media. The division will create content on Israel's accomplishments, its incredible contributions to the welfare of humankind, its history, and its relations with the Palestinians. The division will collect thousands of clips and articles, memoirs, and the writings of politicians, scholars and dignitaries from Israel and the world. The website and other social media will be localized in dozens of languages.  

The Campaigns Division
To conduct campaigns year-round – not just at times of war or crisis - that will focus on tourism, politics, the military, society and culture, and business and entrepreneurship. Creative, engaging campaigns will target countries where the potential for effecting a change in public opinion is highest.

Legal Division
Our experts will fight organizations that incessantly slander Israel, challenging them in the courts. In addition, the division will monitor the activities of anti-Israel organizations and react immediately to any threat.

The Israel Division
For an uncompromising battle against organizations within the State of Israel that defame it or its people.

The Tourism Division
Dedicated to maximizing Israel's incredible potential as an international tourism destination, bringing in much needed income, generating hundreds of thousands of jobs, and creating millions of goodwill ambassadors. This includes collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism and other relevant government agencies in joint campaigns.

The Information Division
Subject matter experts  will train professional, persuasive spokespersons to present Israel's position in any forum, live or online. The division will publish clear and concise material on a variety of important topics, and organize regional and international conferences showcasing Israel's brightest sides and vast contributions to the world.

The Organizations Division
Focused on coordinating the efforts of organizations currently active in pro-Israel advocacy. To further their efforts, the Foundation will provide organizational and financial support.

The Foreign Relations Division
To bring international celebrities and opinion-makers to Israel, with the firm belief that a firsthand look at its people and accomplishments will get the truth out.

The Donor's Division
Responsible for expanding the organization's financial base in Israel and abroad, as well as for donor retention, periodic conferences, and tours for donors and their families.
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