Foundation Members

Galit Distel-Atabrian

Author and publicist.
"I joined the Hallelu Foundation because it is time to make a change in Israel's image."
Atty. Mordechai Tzivin
Specializing, among other fields, in international law and human rights, he is waging a campaign against global terrorism using international law. He is also known for his extensive worldwide network of contacts.
"I joined the Hallelu Foundation in order to provide assistance in the area of international law, while also leveraging my global contacts for its benefit."

Dr. Ron Schleifer

Director of the Institute for Security and Media Studies at Ariel University.
"I joined the Hallelu Foundation because I believe in the path and the vision outlined by the foundation, and I intend to contribute my experience to its success."

Rena Riger

Hallelu Foundation, Director of External Relations
CEO of Exclusively Israel for the past decade, representing private entities and global institutions entering the Israeli market and navigating governmental and private corporate interests.
Previously, she served as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Director of Foreign Affairs (2000 – 2003).
“I am looking forward to working with Hallelu to protect and defend the State of Israel at this critical time.”
Bassam Eid
Muslim human rights activist and expert on Palestinian internal affairs.
"I joined Hallelu because I believe that the Palestinian people can only live in dignity and peace alongside a sovereign and strong Israel. Israel is the only bright spot in the darkness that prevails in the Middle East, and through Hallelu we can spread that light as much as possible."
Dr. Mordechai Kedar
A faculty member at Bar-Ilan University; a lecturer in the Department of Arabic and Middle East Studies; a researcher at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies; and director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam.
"I joined the Hallelu Foundation because of its vision and the way in which it is going to take action. Coordinated collaboration among all parties is necessary and hugely important."

Father Gabriel Nadaf

Head of the Greek Orthodox community of Yafia; chairman of the Christian Community Mobilization Forum; and spiritual leader of Aramean Christians in Israel. The Father is working to strengthen the relations between Jews and Christians.
He also shares the message globally that Israel is the safest place in the Middle East, and any harm that comes to it also harms Christianity.
"I chose to join the Hallelu Foundation initiative because we must work together and with resolve to strengthen the State of Israel, in order to ensure its national, democratic and social resilience against elements at home and abroad who are trying to weaken it and turn it into easy prey for terrorism. The State of Israel, the Holy Land, is home to Israeli Christians and other minorities, and there is no other country in the region that affords Christians the freedom and rights enjoyed in Israel. "

Steve Schuster

CEO, Rainier Communications.
"As a longtime Zionist activist and PR professional, I’ve become increasingly frustrated that the broad range of well-organized anti-Israel activists increasingly claim a legitimate voice in the public discourse, effectively going unanswered by those who support Israel’s right to exist in peace. I’m convinced that a combination of professional communications and relationship building can creatively and proactively recast Israel in a positive light, while simultaneously exposing and depreciating the anti-Israel efforts as marginalized voices of hate".

Moshe Barzel

Hallelu Foundation, Director
 Initiated, founded and managed projects in a variety of fields. During the course of his activities, he was exposed to the inseparable link between purposeful, effective public relations and a state with political power and a strong economy.
"Hallelu is the imperative of the hour. Israel needs a professional public relations organization that will act passionately to create proper publicity that reflects the whole truth about Israel."

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