Hallelu – The Time for Change is NOW

In order to change the State of Israel’s image in the world, we need the maximum power, initiative, determination and resources available.
For that, we need you – everyone who is guided by truth and justice, everyone who wants to take action and make an as-yet unheard voice heard in the world, and to tell the true and full story of the State of Israel. Join us in the circle of those raising our voices in praise.

This is the time to join a bold, influential alliance that will change the current reality. This is the time for action; a turning point in the annals of history.

We at the Hallelu Foundation firmly believe billions of shekels can go toward more beneficial uses than war. But this is attainable only through sustained, strong, positive publicity.
It is possible – and it is up to us!

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Mail: info@hallelu.co.ill