How the Foundation Operates

The Jewish Sages taught, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” We will use our modern ‘tongues’ to rejuvenate public discourse by disseminating the light of knowledge, including the myriad accomplishments of the State of Israel and her people:
  • High-Tech - Israel’s vaunted high-tech industry has produced innovations in all aspects of life, drawing investors from all over the world.
  • Modern Infrastructure - Israel boasts the most impressive infrastructure in the Middle East, with incredible engineering feats overcoming unfavorable topographic conditions.
  • Futuristic Health Care - Israel’s advanced, accessible healthcare system and expert doctors save tens of thousands of foreign lives annually. Medical tourists travel thousands of miles – and even from regional neighbors - to receive treatment in Israeli hospitals.
  • Innovative Agriculture - Israelis have developed new varieties of fruits and vegetables, green fertilizers and pesticides, and methods for growing crops in adverse environments, ranging from desert heat to arctic frost.
  • Human Rights  - Israel is the only state in the region with Western democratic values, cherishing human life and free speech.
  • Advanced Military - The Israel Defense Forces is among the most modern armies in the world. True to the values of its founders, the army also invests in the education of its soldiers, providing many with professional skills.
We didn’t invent the wheel. We’re just getting it rolling. Because it won’t move on its own.
We believe that by speaking clearly, confidently and consistently, we can CHANGE our reality.
Two things are clear: information can change preconceptions and effective publicity will work wonders in the global consciousness.
Israel the Beautiful

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