Basic Principles of the Foundation’s Activities

The Hallelu Foundation will unite various pro-Israel groups to defend the State of Israel on its most vulnerable front - public opinion.

Three core principles will guide its public relations activity:

  • Accessible - The Foundation will highlight Israel’s best facets through clips, pictures, articles and statistics that will complement one another online and via all other media outlets.
  • Constant - The Foundation  will establish an unparalleled database, updated with rich content in several languages and available at all times. Targeted campaigns, undertaken on a steady basis (not just in times of crisis), are vital to the success of the project.
  • United - The Foundation will provide an umbrella for all organizations, Jewish and non-Jewish, active in Israel advocacy. A joint position paper will set forth common public relations protocols.

Only the judicious application of these principles can create the desired effect. No more terse remarks or anemic, watered down statements. For the first time, pro-Israel organizations will take the offensive with a collective, structured and comprehensive campaign of focused and compelling publicity.

We must rise to a historic challenge. Enlist in the ranks of this most vital corps and join those singing the praises of Israel.
The mission is clear: save the Jewish People and ensure our children’s future.

Israel the Beautiful

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