About the Hallelu Foundation

The Problem

In the most important arena, international PR, the Israel has failed. Israeli excellence, a product of the Jewish mentality, has not been evident in a coherent, consistent, up-to-date and serious...
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The Solution

In the face of coordinated criticism, lies and slander systematically directed at Israel, it is time that we - Jewish organizations and funds that are proud of Israel’s past and future...
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Basic Principles of the Foundation’s Activities

The Hallelu Foundation defends Israel on the public relations front guided by three basic principles, which form a solid infrastructure for the public relations framework we have established...
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How the Foundation Operates

We leverage all of the communication and media channels at our disposal, stop apologizing, and start presenting to the world Israel’s many accomplishments in the fields of hi-tech, infrastructure...
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Organizational Structure

The Hallelu Foundation is a nonprofit organization. Its management includes people of vision and action, leading a highly accomplished professional staff. The Foundation's various divisions work in...
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The Hallelu Foundation was established in order to present the State of Israel in a way that would reflect its amazing accomplishments and its contribution to humanity. In this way, we will repair Israel’s problematic image in the world, which is based primarily on faulty or partial information.
In order to effect an authentic and universal change, we gathered people from a wide range of professions (professors, philosophers, politicians, designers, programmers, public relations agents) and of all religious faiths – and established the Hallelu Foundation.

Our Vision
Using effective public relations, we strive to prevent future conflict and thus return monies previously spent to finance wars to the citizens of the state.
We believe that exposing the amazing truth about the State of Israel will lead to global support for Israel and prevent the legitimization of terrorist groups.
In this way, additional wars, with all of their far-reaching economic consequences, can be prevented. Without such conflicts, funds will be returned to the citizens and go toward health, social welfare, infrastructure and education.

Effective public relations will contribute to Israel’s economic security

Monies that should have gone to benefit the citizens of Israel were used for reconstruction and damage control as a result of the periodic wars Israel has fought in the last decade.

We have disproportionately contributed to the world

We have earned 29% of the Nobel Prizes in the continent of Asia.

Our existence is dependent on effective public relations

Our existence is not just dependent on war-making or defensive capabilities; rather, on the ability to explain, to touch and to cause change.

Diaspora Jews: A Front Line in the Information War

The public relations “vacuum” that exists affects Diaspora Jews, as well, encouraging violence against them and expressions of anti-Semitism all around them.

Contact Us

Mail: info@hallelu.co.ill