With effective advocacy, the State of Israel will wage war far less and prosper far more.

The Hallelu Foundation is shouldering responsibility for the fate of the Jewish People and undertaking the greatest challenge for the sake of the State of Israel’s continued existence: collaboration among Jewish organizations worldwide, and the establishment of a centralized information system highlighting the wonder and heroism of Israel.
To Clarify. To Reveal. To Affect.

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Effective public relations will contribute to Israel’s economic security

Monies that should have gone to benefit the citizens of Israel were used for reconstruction and damage control as a result of the periodic wars Israel has fought in the last decade.

We have disproportionately contributed to the world

We have earned 29% of the Nobel Prizes in the continent of Asia.

Our existence is dependent on effective public relations

Our existence is not just dependent on war-making or defensive capabilities; rather, on the ability to explain, to touch and to cause change.

Diaspora Jews: A Front Line in the Information War

The public relations “vacuum” that exists affects Diaspora Jews, as well, encouraging violence against them and expressions of anti-Semitism all around them.
Israel the Beautiful